Hike For Hospice Renfrew Special Offer for Businesses from 96.1 myFM Radio

Hospice Renfrew serves the sensitive needs of dying loved ones and their families from all over the Ottawa Valley.  Hospice Renfrew displays tender loving care for dying loved ones and their families.  Some of us have personally experienced the professional compassionate care exhibited by Hospice Renfrew. This is one important event I participate in as a walker each year because you never know when any of us may require the professional services of Hospice Renfrew. (Hike For Hospice Registration is May 6,2018 at 12:30 PM at Me-Te-Way Activity Arena Complex in Renfrew followed by The 2018 Hike For Hospice at 2:00 PM.)

Cancer hits home and impacts most families.  On the positive side, the cancer survival rate is now an impressive 63%.  myFM Radio considers the Hike For Hospice on May 6,2018 at 2:00 PM of monumental importance.

As a "community minded" business, service, industry or municipality you can help make The 2018 Hike For Hospice the best ever with your timely sponsorship of Hike For Hospice Promotional Messages (each containing your business name and location) on the "voice" of The Ottawa Valley ... myFM Radio which will file Live Reports.

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Thank You,
Bob Mahusky
Certified Radio Marketer
tel.613-432-6936 x2111