Career Concepts Seminars - Fall/ Winter 2017-2018 Schedule


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Since 2008 we have been delivering, creating and customizing continuous professional development solutions for organizations and individuals across Canada.


September 12 2017 Newmarket, Ont.
September 13 2017 Hamilton, Ont.
September 14 2017 London, Ont.
September 15 2017 Mississauga, Ont.

"Microsoft Excel is a powerful and versatile tool, when you know how to use its many features. Whether you are new to working with Excel or already a master user, you will save hours of frustration, time and you will sharpen your skills in just a few keystrokes by attending this unique easy to follow workshop.

Career Concepts' Excel Basics and Beyond Workshop teaches you how to use charts, graphs, fonts, borders, shading, formulas and functions just to name a few. You will design functional worksheets, professional looking spreadsheets and navigate workbooks like a pro with easy to remember and implement tips and techniques. Skip the manuals and endless hours in a classroom, join others as you learn (in just one day) how to be confident, quick and efficient with Excel."


September 18 2017 Barrie, Ont.
September 19 2017 Newmarket, Ont.
September 20 2017 Hamilton, Ont.
September 21 2017 Kitchener, Ont.
September 22 2017 Mississauga, Ont.

"We experience a lot of demands in the organizations we work for and the community’s we live in. Today’s world is built to go faster and change is inevitable. Managing stress is a critical skill set that you must master if you want to thrive in the future. With the right level of stress you will increase your productivity and operate at peak performance.

Career Concepts' Stress Management workshop explores the many aspects of stress management including time management, people skills, mentality, assertiveness and more. This workshop has been built to expose you to different areas of stress and the many methods available to manage your emotional well being."