Grow Your Wood Business - Renfrew Business Luncheon - June 23, 2017

To succeed in today's challenging environment, businesses need to evolve, adapt, anything less implies you are moving backward. Sawtech Log Expo - Renfrew Business Luncheon addresses Growing Your Wood Business & has put together 4 great speakers that will provide insight on how your business can succeed in this challenging environment.

This is a 2 1/2 hour session Lunch and Event Expo Pass is included in the $20.00 fee. You will need to reserve your seat before June 22nd 12:00 pm. This event will take place at the Ma-Te-Way Activity Centre.

4 Great Speakers will be speaking at the Sawtech Log Expo. 

  • Faye Johnson RFP Director MNRF:  Faye's talk and presentation will focus on;  Softwood Lumber, Provincial Tenure Modernization Initiative, Forests as part of the solution for climate change. At the conclusion will be a Q&A 
  • Mike Baker Executive Director Bluewater Wood Alliance: Modeled after Clusterland Upper Austria, BWA is Canada's unique wood industry cluster.  Mike will speak to the benefits his group has received when like businesses within a certain geographic region  gather to form a united group.
  • Dick DeStephano a founding patron of Sudbury Area Mining Suppliers Services Association, started 2002. He is a Member of the Premier’s Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship and was a member of the Advisory Board of Directors of Rogers Broadcasting Inc. Cable 4 OMNI 1 & OMNI 2. Dick will speak to how SAMSSA evolved and the impact that the cluster has had on primary mills. 
  • Rory Dredhart  CEO of ClearSky Software  Rory will introduce McKinnsey customer's journey and discuss key moments of the cycle and how technology is being integrated to achieve 50-70% profit improvements.  

Lunch is included and tickets need to be ordered in advance.  $20.00 includes event pass call Rory 705-264-2251 or go online