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Advanced Asphalt & Paving
(t) 613-432-4086
(e) handh@nrtco.net

Barry McGregor Construction
(t) 613-432-5621
Church Blasting & Excavating
Renfrew, ON
(t) 613-432-5741
Claus Arp Masonry
Burnstown, ON
(t) 613-432-5744
Don Richard Carpentry
356 Lisgar Ave
Renfrew, ON
(t) 613-432-2133
Greenwood Paving 
Renfrew, ON
(t) 613-432-8555

Driveways, Parking Lots, Streets, Sidewalks, Concrete Curbing
Commercial - Residential
Free Estimates

Horizon Homes
Peter Prince
1255 Goshen Rd.
Renfrew, ON
(t) 613-432-1763
(f) 613-432-0752
(e) horizon1952@live.ca

we provide and maintain the highest level of quality, comfort and beauty in our
 custom built homes.

J.C. McManus & Son Painters
333 Swamp Rd
Renfrew, ON
(t) 613-432-2919
Layton Knight-Locke Contracting
12 Nadobny Lane
Renfrew, ON      K7V 3Z9
(t) 613-433-1111
(e) gasman20@hotmail.com
Neat Things
Karen & Calvin Warren

3552 Pucker St
Renfrew, ON
(t) 613-752-2481

(f) 613-752-2481
(e) neatthings@live.ca

Custom & Mobile Welding

Pirie Insulation
1014 Calabogie Road

Renfrew, ON
(t) 613-432-9734
(i) www.pirie.bibca.org

Looking for a great Insulation System to help reduce high energy costs?
Premium Insulation-Professional Installation

T. Aubrey Construction
Douglas, ON
(t) 613-649-2917
(i) www.aubreyconstruction.com

Serving the Ottawa Valley Since 1989
Additions, interior and exterior renovations, sunrooms, decks, window and door installations, stairs, and on site consulting.

T. Cobus Carpentry
RR #5,
Renfrew, ON
(t) 613-432-4703
Custom Homes - Complete Renovations
  • Cottages
  • Garages
  • Additions
  • Decks & Fences
  • Siding, Soffit & Fascia
  • Bath/Kitchen/Basements
Valley Rock Drillers
325 Pinnacle Rd.
Renfrew, ON
(t) 613-432-5625
W. J. McLaughlin Haulage Ltd.
Haley Station, ON
(t) 613-432-5669
(f) 613-432-8908
William W. Davis & Sons Welding
887 Old Hwy 17

Renfrew, ON
(t) 613-432-0500
Wilson Telephone Installation & Repair
1164 Dickson Rd
Renfrew, ON
(t) 613-432-6097
Yerrek Cemetery Lettering
492 Fortington St
Renfrew, ON
(t) 613-432-9811
(f) 613-432-9759
(e) yerrek@nrtco.net

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